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An increasing number of people are taking advantage of the greater freedom to move capital and full right of establishment to move their tax residence both within the European Union and elsewhere. Such moves can offer very interesting tax and legal advantages, but each case requires detailed prior study. We have vast experience in this area, particularly in the case of foreigners who emigrate to Spain, who can benefit from a highly favourable tax regime, and Spanish citizens who decide to move their residence abroad. As well as its obvious and varied attractions, Spain offers a beneficial tax system if a move is well planned. To take advantage of the beneficial tax regime, careful planning is needed before changing residence.

Processing of all necessary foreign investment transactions.
Payment and collection system between residents and non-residents.
Statement of foreign investment transactions submitted to public registers.
Foreign loans. Obtaining Financial Transaction Number (NOF) from Bank of Spain, in all transactions which so require.
Opening bank accounts outside Spain. Notification to the Bank of Spain of the opening, movements and cancellation of accounts.
Transfer of residence to Spain by non-residents.
Transfer of residence abroad by Spanish residents.
Processing of special tax regime applicable to non-residents who move to Spain.
Obtaining Tax Identification Number (NIF) and Foreigner Identification Number (NIE).
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